Yiannis Tsapras


I am an astronomer working for the LCOGT institute and presently based at the Astronomy Unit of the School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London. Prior to my current appointment I held a post-doctoral research position at the Astrophysics Research institute in Liverpool.

My first post-doctoral appointment was here, at QMUL, working on dark matter searches in the Andromeda galaxy for the POINT-AGAPE survey. I was awarded a PhD in Astronomy from the University of St Andrews in 2003 and a MSc in Radioastronomy from the University of Manchester in 1999.

My primary research interests lie in the field of exo-planets where I use the complementary techniques of microlensing and transits to search for planets orbiting distant stars. I am Co-I of the RoboNet project which uses the LCOGT telescope network to detect exo-planets by microlensing. Besides exo-planets, I have a keen interest in robotic astronomy, ongoing dark-matter surveys and CMB cosmology.


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Yiannis no longer works at LCOGT.