Hotwired-IV - Instructions for speakers


Late abstract deadline: April 15, 2015

Sharing and Archiving Contributions

We would like to make copies of all talk slides and posters available online after the meeting.
If you would prefer NOT to share your contribution in this way, please email the LOC to say so and your wishes will be respected.


Keynote talks will be 25mins long, leaving 5mins for questions.
Contributed talks will be 15mins long, with 5mins for questions.

We will have a Mac laptop dedicated to running the projection of your slides and will be uploading all presentation files to this machine, in advance of your talk.
To ensure the sessions run smoothly, please upload your slides in good time ahead of the session you are due to speak in.

In fact, why not upload them right now? Instructions are below.

We recommend formatting your slides to a PDF file. However, we will support PPT, ODT and KEY formats.
Anyone with embedded movies should upload their talk and contact the LOC to verify that the format is supported as soon as possible.
Please prefix the name of your uploaded files with your family name.

Talk slides can be uploaded in several ways:

  • Via this Dropbox
  • To our FTP server:
    > ftp
    > [anonymous login, using your email address as a password]
    > cd upload/hotwired4/
    > put [presentation file]
    > quit
  • Attached to an email to the LOC at hotwired-loc (at)
  • ...or from a USB flash drive at the meeting. But we strongly prefer you upload earlier than that.


All posters will be displayed throughout the conference in the Mesa room adjacent to the main conference room.
The maximum dimensions for posters is 44(H)x32(W) inches/112x86cm.

If you wish to print your poster locally, there is a FedEx office about a block away from the Canary Hotel, who offer an online printing service.