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AEON and Rubin Observatory In-kind Contributions

The AEON collaboration is seeking expansion with additional telescopes available for follow-up of sky survey discoveries. In the future, the Blanco 4-m telescope is expected to be added, and a number of other facilities are under discussion.

Participation in AEON may be an interesting option for international participants in the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST). As announced by Vera C. Rubin Observatory, one of several possible in-kind contributions to the LSST is, “Observing time, dedicated to proposals led by US PIs, at key non-US facilities”.

Facilities useful for both time critical and static science are of interest to AEON. Instruments for general purpose photometry and spectroscopy are of broadest interest, and coverage of a large range in longitude in the southern sky especially valuable. Apertures of 2-4 meters and larger are the best match for the LSST. Decisions on acceptable in-kind contributions for the LSST will be made by the Rubin Observatory LSST Contribution Evaluation Committee. Operation of a new facility with AEON will be most readily expedited with a software interface to existing queue scheduling and archive capabilities at the local facility. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are under development and AEON staff are available for consultation. Other methods of scheduling may be considered on a case-by-case basis. External observatories should provide any support necessary for their infrastructure and operations.

In accordance with the OIR Lab Open-sky policy, any qualified scientist may compete in peer reviewed competition for facility access, and this policy extends to AEON. Potential participants with special requirements are invited to initiate a conversation.

Please contact AEON Inquiries for additional information about AEON facilities, access and participation.