How to Find Images Using the LCO Science Archive


There are many thousands of astronomical data files in our archive. We've created an archive search page that lets you limit your search by different attributes. This guide will walk you through the steps to finding the images you want.


Search through our archive for astronomical data and images.


How to search by name

  1. To search for a target object by name enter it into the Point field. Ensure you use a well-known target name and the object coordinates will be automatically entered. Otherwise you may enter the coordinates manually.
  2. Use the Calendar at the top of the menu to alter the time period from which results will appear. There are a few pre-defined date ranges to choose from, including the last 7 days, the last 30 days and All Time.
  3. The archive is the repository for all science data, both raw and processed. To remove raw data files, we recommend setting the reduction level to reduced (BANZAI) 
  4. You can narrow down your results to only show data taken from a particular LCO observing site, with a specific telescope or instrument or using a specific filter. Check the archive documentation for a full description of the codes and more information on how to adjust your search.

Download the data files

  1. The search will show all the observations which match your request. To see a quicklook thumbnail image, click the plus symbol on the row that contains the data you wish to view. 
  2. To download data, select the row that contains the data you wish do download using the checkbox (multiple rows can be selected at once), then click the download button. You will be prompted to download a .zip file containing your data.

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