Network status: Dome B in Australia; Dome B in Chile

On 21 September, the fl11 Sinistro camera was installed on the 1-meter telescope in Dome B at Siding Spring (COJ). The telescope will be unavailable for science observations while the new Sinistro camera is commissioned.

Another Dome B telescope, the one at Cerro Tololo (LSC), is also currently unavailable for science observations. The camera warmed-up unexpectedly yesterday. It will remain out-of-service until the problem with the cooling system can be fixed.

Explorers of LCO's observing portal may have noticed a new feature on the user profile page. (To find the user profile page, login to the portal and then click your username in the upper-right corner.) There's now a check box for a "Notify me when my data is ready" option. By selecting this option, you will receive an email when reduced data (for projects on which you are the PI or a CoI) are available in the science archive. Currently, the option is only user-specific, but we plan to make this option user-and-proposal-specific in the future.

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