Observatory Sites

Wise Observatory
South District, Israel

One 1-meter telescope (NRES only)
coming online in 2017

Cerro Tololo Observatory
District IV, Chile

One 0.4-meter telescope
Three 1-meter telescopes


International Headquarters
and Data Center

United Kingdom

Liverpool, European Operations Center

Cardiff, Education Headquarters

Ali Observatory
Western Tibet, China

Two 1-meter telescopes
coming online in 2018

Haleakala Observatory
Mauia, Hawaii

Two 0.4-meter telescopes
One 2-meter telescope

McDonald Observatory
Fort Davis, Texas

One 1-meter telescope

Teide Observatory
Canary Islands, Spain

Two 0.4-meter telescopes

South African
Astronomical Observatory

Sutherland, South Africa

Three 1-meter telescopes

Siding Spring Observatory
New South Wales, Australia

Two 0.4-meter telescopes
Two 1-meter telescopes
One 2-meter telescope

  Elevation (m) Code Timezone Status
20° 42′ 27″N
156° 15′ 21.6″W
3,055 OGG UTC-10 1 x 2-meter
2 x 0.4-meter
30° 40′ 12″N

104° 1′ 12″W

2,070 ELP UTC-6
1 x 1-meter
1 x 0.4-meter (coming online 2017)
Cerro Tololo
30° 10′ 2.64″S

70° 48′ 17.28″W

2,198 LSC UTC-3
3 x 1-meter
1 x 0.4-meter
1 x 0.4-meter (coming online 2017)
28º 18′ 00″N
16° 30′ 35″W
2,330 TFN UTC 2 x 0.4-meter
32° 22′ 48″S
20° 48′ 36″E
1,460 CPT UTC+2
3 x 1-meter
1 x 0.4-meter (coming online 2017)
Wise Observatory
30° 35′ 45″ N
34° 45′ 48″E
875 TLV UTC+2 1 x 1-meter
coming online 2017
Ali Obsevatory
32° 19′ N
80° 1′E
5,100 NGQ UTC+8 Under construction
Siding Spring
31° 16′ 23.88″S
149° 4′ 15.6″E
1,116 COJ UTC+10

1 x 2-meter
2 x 1-meter
2 x 0.4-meter

The Minor Planet Center codes for all of our telescopes can be found on our MPC codes page.


For more information, please view the 2-meter telescope detailed description page.


  • Spectral camera, Fairchild CCD-486 on straight-through port,
  • FLOYDS low resolution spectrograph on a side port.



  • Sinistro CCD, Fairchild CCD-486 BI, 4Kx4K, 0.39arcsec pixels, FoV 27x27arcmin.
  • NRES high resolution spectrograph (in development).

For more information, please view the 1-meter telescope detailed description page.

Photometric Coefficients


We have customized a battery of 0.4-meter telescopes at our Santa Barbara headquarters. As of June 2017, we have deployed seven of these telescope: two to Siding Spring Observatory in Australia, two to Teide Observatory on Tenerife, one to Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile, and two to Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii. Three of these telescopes (in Australia, Tenerife, and Hawaii) have been used for science and education observations since the beginning of 2016. The other four telescopes make observations for a program to track earth-orbiting satellites.