Network Status

Network Configuration:

Last updated: 17 February 2017

TelOps real-time status

COJ Siding Spring Obs. - NSW, Australia 
2m (clma) (also known as FTS) FLOYDS (en05)  
Spectral (fs01)  
1m (doma) Sinistro (fl12)  
1m (domb) Sinistro (fl11)  
0.4ma (clma) SBIG-6303 (kb98)
0.4mb (clma) SBIG-6303 (kb97) Orbital activities
CPT SAAO - Sutherland, South Africa 
1m (doma) Sinistro (fl16)  
1m (domb) Sinistro (fl14)
1m (domc) Sinistro (fl06)  
TFN Teide Observatory - Tenerife, Spain 
0.4ma (aqwa) SBIG-6303 (kb29)  
0.4mb (aqwa) SBIG-6303 (kb88) Orbital activities
LSC CTIO - Region IV, Chile 
1m (doma) Sinistro (fl15)  
1m (domb) Sinistro (fl03)  
1m (domc) Sinistro (fl04) Camera warm
0.4ma (aqwa) SBIG-6303 (kb93) Orbital activities
ELP McDonald Obs. - Texas, USA 
1m (doma) Sinistro (fl05)  
OGG Haleakala Obs. - Maui, USA 
2m (clma) (also known as FTN) FLOYDS (en06)  
Spectral (fs02) Camera warm
0.4mb (clma) SBIG-6303 (kb27)  
0.4mc (clma) SBIG-6303 (kb82) Orbital activities


30 Jan 2017: The "Getting Started on the LCO Global Telescope Network" guide has been updated. It is available from the website's Documentation page.

8 Nov 2016: LCO users can now update their email addresses in the portal without requesting assistance from science-support.

17 Oct 2016: When composing an observing request, users can now specify a minimum acceptable angular separation between the science target and the moon. This constraint is labeled "Minimum Moon Distance" in the portal. The default value is 30 degrees.

14 Oct 2016: Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGT) has changed its public name to Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO). The URL of LCO's new website, which (if you're reading this) you've obviously found, is 

1 Oct 2016: The 2016B observing semester begins!

Siding Spring

17 Feb 2017: The kb94 camera (on the 0m4b telescope) was removed, and kb97 was installed in its place.

4-8 Dec 2016: The 2m telescope was offline because of unexpected "overspeed" events (in telescope motion).

1 Dec 2016: Science observations began with the kb98 camera on the 0m4a telescope.

21 Nov 2016: The kb98 camera replaced kb84 on the 0m4a telescope.

11 Nov 2016: The kb94 camera was moved from the 0m4a telescope to 0m4b. The kb84 camera, which was on 0m4b, was removed. The 0m4b telescope continues to make satellite observations.


27 Oct 2016: The fl16 Sinistro in Dome A has been released for science observations!

24 Oct 2016: BANZAI-reduced images from the fl14 Sinistro (Dome B) are now available in the archive.

18 Oct 2016: The fl14 Sinistro camera in Dome B is now available for science observations. The images will be BANZAI-processed when all flat fields have been acquired.

12 Oct 2016: The fl16 Sinistro camera replaced the kb70 SBIG in Dome A. The fl14 Sinistro camera replaced the kb76 SBIG in Dome B. Commissioning of the new Sinistros is underway!

25 July 2016: The fl06 Sinistro camera is now available for science observations!


1 Nov 2016: The 0m4a telescope (camera kb29) is again available for science observations.

24-28 Oct 2016: TFN site maintenance trip.

17 Oct 2016: Teide (TFN) has been added to our Target Visibility Tool. The visibility of a target from TFN is indicated in orange.

11 Sep 2016 - : The 0m4a telescope is getting stuck along the roll axis. The telescope is currently not available for science observations.

Cerro Tololo

3 Feb 2017: The fl04 camera (in Dome C) warmed-up and has been taken out of service.

21 Jan 2017: A new TT board was installed into the fl15 Sinistro, and the camera has been returned to service.

23 Dec 2016: The Sinistro camera in Dome A (fl15) failed. 

22 Dec 2016: The cryogenic systems on the Sinistro cameras in Domes B & C were re-charged, and the CCD temperatures are now steady at -90 C.

21 Dec 2016: The Sinistro camera in Dome B (fl03) and Dome C (fl04) were warmed-up to prepare for maintenance to the cryogenic system on December 22. 


11 May 2016: A shroud was installed on the telescope to block stray moonlight from getting to the camera.


15 Feb 2017: The Spectral camera (fs02) on the 2m telescope warmed-up again!

6-8 Feb 2017: The Spectral camera on the 2m telescope warmed-up and was offline.

20-24 Jan 2017: 0m4b telescope was out-of-service because of pitch axis error.

17 Dec 2016: After a stormy night, the site suffered a power outage around 2016-12-18 at 16 UT. Science observations were not possible on the night of December 18.

26-28 Nov 2016: The Spectral camera warmed-up unexpectedly and was not available for science observations.