Network Status

Last updated: 26 July 2017

TelOps real-time status

COJ Siding Spring Obs. - NSW, Australia 
2m (clma)
    (also known as FTS)
FLOYDS (en05)  
Spectral (fs01)  
1m (doma) Sinistro (fl12)  
1m (domb) Sinistro (fl11)  
0.4ma (clma) SBIG-6303 (kb98)
0.4mb (clma) SBIG-6303 (kb97)
CPT SAAO - Sutherland, South Africa 
1m (doma) Sinistro (fl16)  
1m (domb) Sinistro (fl14) CCD readout problem.
1m (domc) Sinistro (fl06)  
TFN Teide Observatory - Tenerife, Spain 
0.4ma (aqwa) SBIG-6303 (kb29)  
0.4mb (aqwa) SBIG-6303 (kb88)
LSC CTIO - Region IV, Chile 
1m (doma) Sinistro (fl15)  
1m (domb) Sinistro (fl03)  
1m (domc) Sinistro (fl04) Camera cooling problem.
1m (igla) NRES (fl09) Testing
0.4ma (aqwa) SBIG-6303 (kb93) Satellite observations
ELP McDonald Obs. - Texas, USA 
1m (doma) Sinistro (fl05)  
OGG Haleakala Obs. - Maui, USA 
2m (clma)
    (also known as FTN)
FLOYDS (en06)
Spectral (fs02)
0.4mb (clma) SBIG-6303 (kb27)
0.4mc (clma) SBIG-6303 (kb82)


19 July 2017: Plots and data tables from transmission measurements of LCO's deployed filters are now available for download from the filters webpage.

5 June 2017: The new user portal is now available! Read the Getting Started guide for information on how to use the portal.

25 Apr 2017: The qualitative descriptions of FLOYDS slit sizes, e.g. "Floyds_large_slit", have been retired. The quantitative descriptions (1.2, 1.6, 2.0, 6.0 arcsec) are exact and less likely to confuse.

1 Apr 2017: The 2017AB observing semester begins! We have also decreased the default airmass limit for observing requests from 2.0 to 1.6. We encourage users to consider airmass limits carefully when composing observing requests, but we've noticed that many users keep the default.

30 Jan 2017: The "Getting Started on the LCO Global Telescope Network" guide has been updated. It is available from the website's Documentation page.

Siding Spring

16 June 2017: The 0m4b telescope (camera kb97) began science observations. It will still be used intermittently for satellite observations.

17 Feb 2017: The kb94 camera (on the 0m4b telescope) was removed, and kb97 was installed in its place.

4-8 Dec 2016: The 2m telescope was offline because of unexpected "overspeed" events (in telescope motion).

1 Dec 2016: Science observations began with the kb98 camera on the 0m4a telescope.

21 Nov 2016: The kb98 camera replaced kb84 on the 0m4a telescope.


5- June 2017: The Sinistro in Dome B (fl14) has a CCD readout problem. This camera has been taken out-of-service.

19-23 May 2017: The replacement for the pubsub computer died.

27 April - 2 May 2017: One of the main site computers died on 2017-04-27 at 23UT. The computer was rebuilt, and science observations resumed during the 2017-05-02 night. 

27 Oct 2016: The fl16 Sinistro in Dome A has been released for science observations!

24 Oct 2016: BANZAI-reduced images from the fl14 Sinistro (Dome B) are now available in the archive.


20 June 2017: The 0m4b telescope (camera kb88) began science observations. It will be used intermittently for satellite observations.

1 Nov 2016: The 0m4a telescope (camera kb29) is again available for science observations.

24-28 Oct 2016: TFN site maintenance trip.

17 Oct 2016: Teide (TFN) has been added to our Target Visibility Tool. The visibility of a target from TFN is indicated in orange.

11 Sep - 1 Nov 2016: The 0m4a telescope was getting stuck along the roll axis. The telescope is currently not available for science observations.

Cerro Tololo

14 June 2017: The telemetry board on the fl04 Sinistro (Dome C) appears to have failed! This camera is out-of-service.

7 May - 8 June 2017: The Dome C Sinistro (fl04) cooled unexpectedly at 16:23 UT on May 7. The telescope was taken offline while the problem was investigated. A new controller was installed on May 25.

25 Apr - 26 May 2017: The Dome A Sinistro (fl15) was out of service because the images showed a strange noise pattern. A clock board was replaced on May 25.

13 Apr 2017: Strange pattern noise becomes more prevalent in fl15 (Dome A Sinistro) images. 

28-29 Mar 2017: No observations were possible because of problems with one of the on-site computers.


19- June 2017: The camera (fl05) temperature is unstable when the ambient temperature in the dome is high (it's summertime in Texas!), sometimes warming by as much as 9 C.


3 July 2017: The telescope was taken offline because a broken link in the cable wrap restricted its range of motion.

20 June 2017:  The 0m4c telescope (camera kb82) began science observations. It will continue to be used intermittently for satellite observations.

5-23 June 2017: FTN (the 2m telescope) was out-of-service because of a coolant leak in a chiller.

29 April - 2 May 2017: A power supply in the clamshell failed. Observations were not possible until a replacement was purchased and installed.

28 April 2017: Breaker tripped! The clamshell closed at around 11 UT.