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Exoplanets at LCO

The first discovery of planets orbiting stars other than the Sun in 1992 brought a science fiction staple into the realm of science fact. Since then, thousands of exoplanets have been discovered, revealing worlds more exotic than anyone imagined - pulsar planets, hot Jupiters, super Earths and mini Neptunes!

Characterizing those exoplanets has always been one of LCO's core areas of research and our team are active in a number of ongoing projects. You can learn more about those projects, and the people involved, using the links below.

If you want to learn more about exoplanets, and the techniques that are used to study them, we have extensive learning materials linked below and in the side menu.

Exoplanet Researchers at LCO

LCO Alumni in Exoplanets

Etienne BacheletMarshall JohnsonMarkus RabusDiana DragomirAvi Shporer
Jason EastmanB.J. FultonNairn BaliberMartin HidasYiannis Tsapras
Andrew Ridden-Harper

Learn about Exoplanets

Want to learn more about exoplanets and how to find them? We have some great resources for students and educators at all levels!

Finding Exoplanets

A simple overview of how we find exoplanets.

SpaceBook: Exoplanets

Learn about extrasolar planets, and the methods used to find them.

Microlensing Source

Discover more about finding exoplanets through microlensing.