K2SciCon Posters


Santa Barbara, Nov 2-5, 2015


Download a tarball of the collected posters here, or click on the individual links below. 

DA: Data analysis
ME: Mission, Engineering and Achive
E: Exoplanets
S: Stellar astrophysics
A: Asteroseismology
F: Facilities
C: Stellar clusters

DA.1 Baran, Andrzej The K2 Variable Catalogue: Machine-learning based automated variability discovery and classification
ME.1 Barclay, Thomas The K2 Guest Observer Program
DA.2 Barentsen, Geert Software tools and ancillary data from the Kepler/K2 Guest Observer Office [PDF]
E.1 Barnes, Rory Comparative Habitability of Transiting Exoplanets
E.2 Becker, Juliette WASP-47: A Hot Jupiter with Friends [PDF]
E.3 Beichman, Charles Improved Ephemerides for K2-3 planets Using Spitzer
S.1 Bernstein, Valerie Precovery of Eclipsing Binaries: Identifying Eclipse Timing Variation among Kepler and K2 Eclipsing Binaries in KELT
DA.3 Bhatti, Waqas HATSouth observations of the K2 Campaign 7 field [PDF]
S.2 Boyajian, Tabetha KIC 8462852: A transiting family of exocomets? [PDF]
S.3 Boyd, Patricia X-ray Bright Stars in the KSwAGS survey
S.4 Brown, Timothy Probing the Activity-Rotation Relationship in the Pleiades with K2, LCOGT, and ARC
DA.4 Buzasi, Derek A Flexible Aperture Photometry Pipeline for K2 Data [PDF]
E.4 Ciardi, David K2 Planets: A Catalog and Follow-Up of Candidate Planets from C0-C2
E.4 Cochran, William PICK2: Planets in Clusters with K2
ME.2 Colon, Knicole K2 Target Characterization Programs from the Kepler/K2 Guest Observer Office [PDF]
C.1 Covey, Kevin Rotation Periods for Upper Sco Members from K2 Light Curves
E.5 Dai, Fei Precise Doppler Monitoring of K2 Planets with Magellan/PFS [PDF]
S.5 Davenport, James Stellar flares from Kepler, prospects for K2 and TESS [PDF]
C.2 David, Trevor Discovery of Three Short-Period Pre-Main-Sequence Eclipsing Binaries from K2 Observations of Upper Scorpius [PDF]
S.6 David, Trevor K2 discovery of a low-mass eclipsing binary in the Pleiades [PDF]
DA.5 Eastman, Jason EXOFAST Analysis of Kepler KOIs
ME.3 Fleming, Scott A MAST Tour of K2 Data Products, Interfaces, and Community-Contributed Data [PDF]
S.7 Furlan, Elise Finding the Siblings of KOIs [PDF]
S.8 Gorjian, Varoujan The Spitzer Kepler Survey (SpiKeS): Precision Spitzer 3.6 and 4.5 Micron Photometry of the Entire Kepler Field [PDF]
E.6 Guo, Xueying Metallicity Distribution and Hot Jupiter Rate in Kepler Field
E.7 Howell, Steve High Resolution Speckle Imaging for Exoplanet Follow-up by the Community
S.9 Janes, Kenneth Gyrochronology of Common Proper Motion Pairs in the Kepler Field [PDF]
DA.6 Luger, Rodrigo TEMPLAR: Transiting Exoplanet MCMC Package for Lightcurve Analysis and Recovery
DA.7 Lund, Mikkel K2 data analysis — methods and early results [PDF]
S.10 Maehara, Hiroyuki Statistical properties of superflares on solar-type stars [PDF]
E.8 Martinez, Arturo Stellar & Planetary Parameters for K2's M dwarf Systems
E.9 Morozova, Tatiana The analogy with the dust plasma system near the Moon and the disintegrating rocky planet with a cometary head and tail
DA.8 Murphy, Simon The potential for super-Nyquist asteroseismology with TESS [PDF]
DA.10 Murphy, Simon (presenting author) Pope, Benjamin et al. Photometry of Very Bright Stars with Kepler and K2 Smear Data
F.1 Narita, Norio Introduction of Japanese Facilities for K2 Follow-up Observations and Latest Results
S.12 Notsu, Yuta High dispersion spectroscopy of solar-type superflare stars with Subaru/HDS [PDF]
DA.9 Olivier, Demangeon Optimisation of the scientific return of K2: From Pixel files to a ranked transit list [PDF]
E.10 Palle, Enric ESPRINT: A K2 follow-up team focusing on rocky planets
S.14 Peters, Geraldine K2 and Kepler Studies of Quadrature Light Variability in Algol Binary Systems
S.25 Peterson, Ruth Identifying K Giants of the Distant Halo with K2 and SDSS ugr Colors [PDF]
S.15 Ramsay, Gavin Flares from late type stars in the Kepler/K2 era [PDF]
S.16 Rebull, Luisa Initial K2 results on Pleiades Rotation Rates
S.17 Reed, Mike A non-tidally locked ellipsoidal variable pulsating subdwarf B star observed with K2 [PDF]
C.3 Rizzuto, Aaron Young Star Science with K2: Upper Scorpius
F.2 Rodriguez, Joseph The KELT Follow-up Network in the Age of K2, TESS and LSST
S.18 Shan, Yutong M-dwarf Multiplicity Statistics from Kepler [PDF]
ME.4 Shappee, Benjamin TESS Transient Survey
A.2 Sharma, Sanjib Testing of Kepler Asteroseismic results against predictions of stellar population synthesis based models of the Milky Way
S.19 Shporer, Avi Kepler beaming binaries radial velocity follow-up with WIYN/Hydra [JPG]
S.20 Smith, Verne A Precision Stellar Parameter and Chemical Abundance Analysis of Kepler 10
C.4 Somers, Garrett The Connection Between Rotation and Lithium Abundance in Upper Scorpius
S.21 Stauffer, John An Initial Census of Eclipsing Binaries in the Pleiades and Hyades in Field 4 of the K2 Mission
E.11 Taylor, Stuart F. Deep Gap Between Double Peaks Highlight Surprising Planet Distribution Patterns
ME.5 Torres, Guillermo

T magnitudes for the TESS Input Catalog [PDF]

S.22 van Belle, Gerard The PTI Giant Star Angular Size Survey: Empirical Effective Temperatures & Linear Radii [PDF]
E.12 Wang, Ji Studying Planets in Binary Stars With K2
S.23 Wittenmyer, Rob Know the star, know the planet: The HERMES K2 follow-up program
S.24 Zimmerman, Mara The Pseudosynchronization of Heartbeat Stars