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  18:00 20:00
Monday, Nov 2, 2015
Chair: Tom Barclay Opening remarks   08:15 08:30
  Engineering Miracles: Enabling K2 Colin Peterson 08:30 08:45
  The NASA K2 Mission: Current Status and Future Plans [PPTX] Steve Howell 08:45 09:15
Exoplanet Results Kepler Prime Exoplanet Populations [PPTX] [PDF] Natalie Batalha 09:15 09:45
  Spitzer Meets K2: Spitzer Studies of Candidate Exoplanets Identified by K2 [PPT] [PDF] Michael Werner 09:45 10:00
  Break   10:00 10:30
Chair: Courtney Dressing Prevalence and Properties of Planets from Kepler and K2 [KEY] Erik Petigura 10:30 10:45
  K2-22b: A disintegrating planet with a cometary head and tail [KEY.zip] Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda 10:45 11:00
Exoplanet Results Planets Orbiting M Stars [ODP] [PDF] Ian Crossfield 11:00 11:30
  Determining Stellar Parameters for K2 Stars [PDF] Dan Huber 11:30 12:00
  Lunch   12:00 13:30
Stellar Astrophysics
Chair: Steve Kawaler
Young Stars and Clusters [PPTX] Ann Marie Cody 13:30 14:00
  Eclipsing Binaries [PDF] [KEY.zip] Avi Shporer 14:00 14:30
  The Mass-Radius Relation of Young Stars from K2 Adam Kraus 14:30 14:45
  Young M-dwarf “Dipper” stars in Upper Sco and Rho Oph Observed by K2 [PDF] Megan Ansdell 14:45 15:00
  The least massive eclipsing double-line spectroscopic binary at the nearest OB association, Upper Scorpius [PDF] [KEY] Enric Palle 15:00 15:15
  Break   15:15 15:45
Stellar Astrophysics (cont)
Chair: Avi Shporer
K2 Seismology [PDF] Bill Chaplin 15:45 16:15
  RR Lyrae stars as seen with K2 [PDF] [KEY] Robert Szabo 16:15 16:30
  EPIC201585823, a rare triple-mode RR Lyrae star discovered in K2 mission data [PDF] Donald Kurtz 16:30 16:45
  Angular momentum transport in stellar interiors: The K2 era [PDF] Matteo Cantiello 16:45 17:00
  Strong internal magnetic fields revealed by asteroseismology of red giants [PDF] Jim Fuller 17:00 17:15
  Cataclysmic Variables in K2 [PPT] Paula Szkody 17:15 17:30
Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015
Technical Data Challenges & Science Completeness of Kepler Data and Implications for K2 [PPTX] Jessie Christensen 08:30 09:00
Chair: Steve Howell The SuPerPiG Search for Short-Period Planets Using the K2 Dataset [PPTX] Brian Jackson 09:00 09:15
  That's How We Roll – K2 Performance Metrics Derived From Long Cadence Archive Products [PDF] Jeffrey Van Cleve 09:15 09:30
  The K2 Variable Catalogue: Machine-learning based automated variability discovery and classification [PPTX] David Armstrong 09:30 09:45
  Robotic Vetting of Exoplanet Candidates [PDF] Jeffrey Coughlin 09:45 10:00
  Break   10:00 10:30
Chair: Jessie Christensen A Tour of the K2 and Kepler Public Data Products [PDF] Susan Thompson 10:30 10:45
  K2 photometry of the brightest stars of the Pleiades and Hyades [PDF] Tim White 10:45 11:00
  A PSF-based approach to exploit Kepler/K2 super-stamps [PDF] Mattia Libralato 11:00 11:15
 Exoplanet Results First K2 mutiplanetary system showing TTVs [PDF] [PPTX] Susana Barros 11:15 11:30
  Planets Orbiting Nearby Bright Stars [PPTX] Courtney Dressing 11:30 12:00
  Lunch   12:00 13:30
Stellar Astrophysics
Chair: Ann Marie Cody
K2's Revolutionary Eye on White Dwarfs [PPTX] [MP4] JJ Hermes 13:30 14:00
  The K2 Galactic Archaeology Program [PDF] [MP4] Dennis Stello 14:00 14:15
  Stellar Activity [PDF] Fabienne Bastien 14:15 14:45
  Rotation in fully-convective Hyades stars [PDF] Stephanie Douglas 14:45 15:00
  Kepler's Broken Clocks: Testing the Limits of Gyrochronology with Asteroseismic Ages for Old Field Dwarfs [PDF] Jennifer van Saders 15:00 15:15
  Break   15:15 15:45
Microlensing/Campaign 9 K2 Microlensing Experiment [PDF] Rachel Street 15:45 16:15
Chair: Radek Poleski Interplanetary Microlensing network: K2, Spitzer and Earth [PDF] Wei Zhu 16:15 16:30
  Early success with K2 crowded field photometry and prospects for Campaign 9 microlensing [PDF] Matthew Penny 16:30 16:45
  Using K2 to Find Free-floating Planets [PPTX] Calen Henderson 16:45 17:00
  Poster viewing   17:00 19:00
Public Talk
Chair: Chas Beichman
Planets and Pulsations Don Kurtz 20:00 21:30
Wednesday, Nov 4, 2015
Extragalactic Science
Andy Howell
Extragalactic Science with K2 [PDF] Brad Tucker 08:30 09:00
  K2 ExtraGalactic Survey (KEGS) AGN Detection [PDF] Edward Shaya 09:00 09:15
  KSwAGS: A Swift Survey of the Kepler Field - Methodology and Initial Results [PPTX] Krista Smith 09:15 09:30
  Kepler's unique window into AGN variability: past, present and future [PDF] Rick Edelson 09:30 09:45
Exoplanet Results
Chair: Magali Deleuil
A Disintegrating Minor Planet Transiting a White Dwarf [PDF] Andrew Vanderburg 09:45 10:00
  The LCOGT TECH Project: Photometric Follow-Up of K2 Candidates [PDF] Daniel Bayliss 10:00 10:15
  A Temperate Sub-Neptune Transiting a Nearby M Dwarf in K2 Campaign 0 [KEY] Joshua Schlieder 10:15 10:30
  Characterizing the Cooler KOIs: Planet Occurrence around mid-M Dwarfs [PDF] [KEY] Benjamin Montet 10:30 10:45
  Break   10:45 11:15
Chair: Daniel Bayliss The physical properties of giant transiting exoplanets within 400 days [KEY] [PDF] Alexandre Santerne 11:15 11:30
  Discovery and characterization of small planets from K2 [PDF] Evan Sinukoff 11:30 11:45
  Systematic transit search and population inference using K2 [PDF] Dan Foreman-Mackey 11:45 12:00
 Planet Formation Theory An Increase in Planet Formation Efficiency around Low-Mass Stars [PPTX] Gijs Mulders 12:00 12:15
  Re-inflated Warm Jupiters around Red Giants: A New Test for Models of Hot Jupiter Inflation [PDF] Eric Lopez 12:15 12:30
  Lunch   12:30 14:00
Solar System
Tim Brown
K2 & Solar System Science [PPTX] Jack Lissauer 14:00 14:30
  Pushing the limits of K2: observing Trans-Neptunian Objects [KEY] [PDF] Robert Szabo 14:30 14:45
Future Programs The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS): Discovering Exoplanets in the Solar Neighborhood [PDF] George Ricker 14:45 15:15
  TESS Precursor and Follow-up [PPTX] David Latham 15:15 15:45
  TESS Guest Investigator Discussion [PPTX] Stephen Rinehart 15:45 16:15
  Posters/Free Time   16:15 PM
Thursday, Nov 5, 2015
Future Programs
Chair: Dave Latham
Gaia: transiting planets, astrometric planets, stellar properties [PDF] Timo Prusti 08:30 09:00
  The CHEOPS - K2 Synergies [PPTX] Enric Palle 09:00 09:30
  The PLATO 2.0 Mission: overview and science goals [KEY.zip] Magali Deleuil 09:30 10:00
  Break   10:00 10:30
Chair: David Ciardi JWST Spectroscopy [PPTX] Drake Deming 10:30 11:00
  WFIRST [PPTX] Scott Gaudi 11:00 11:30
Follow-up Activities Follow-up Activities and ExoFOP [PDF] Rachel Akeson 11:30 12:00
  The Case for a Dedicated Transit Spectroscopy Mission Mark Swain 12:00 12:30
  Closing remarks [PPTX] Steve Howell 12:30 12:45