Archive Gallery

The LCO archive contains millions of images. This gallery is a selection of some of the best.

Minimal processing has been done to the images. We provide the original astronomical FITS files which you can use with one of our tutorials to make your own stunning color pictures.

NGC 4449 taken by Malcolm Beckford
NGC 4449
NGC6888 taken by Ronals Chinchilla Vélez
NGC 6888
IC342 taken by J Moskal
IC 342
IC5146 taken by Shams Ibn Hossain
IC 5146
IC 5146 by A Moreno
IC 5146
NGC2329 taken by Ethan Conway
NGC 2329
NGC7293 taken by Mitchell Mainwaring
NGC 7293
NGC7635 taken by the students of Eltham College, Australia
NGC 7635
NGC300 taken by Ethan Conway
NGC 300
NGC6946 from the archive
NGC 6946
M31 taken by J Carneiro
NGC2070 by J Moskal
NGC 2070
NGC247 by Ethan Conway
NGC 247
IC405 taken by J D Armstrong
IC 405
NGC 5128
NGC5005 taken by ashini_modi
NGC 5005
NGC 2467 taken by Alice Hopkinson
NGC 2467