Crowdfunding campaign to send science comic books to children around the world

Jan 17, 2018


Crowdfunding science education with comic books

On 17 January 2018,  Dr. Edward Gomez, Las Cumbres Observatory education director, and Laura Sorvala, independent illustrator, launched a Kickstarter campaign for an educational comic book for kids named Ada's Adventures in Science. It is a special edition that will include a compilation of three earlier Ada comics and new artwork and will come with additional educational activities. The Kickstarter campaign aims to distribute the educational science comics to children around the world.

"The idea behind Ada and her stories is that anyone can do science, if they can ask questions and work together to solve problems,” say creators Dr. Edward Gomez and Laura Sorvala. “We want Ada to be an inspiration to everyone, no matter who they are, where they live, or what their background is."

When the audience first meets Ada, she is a school girl excitedly talking about her science heroes to friends on the school bus. Over the course of the series Ada goes to high-school and finally becomes a professional scientist, where she fulfils her dream of being part of an amazing discovery.


Open Source distribution

The Ada comic books will be available with a creative commons license allowing anyone to freely use and distribute them. The campaign’s pledge goal is set at 6000 GBP (8300 USD) and will be used to print 20,000 copies of the 24-page science comic book, then distribute to schools around the world and create new artwork. Funds raised beyond the pledge goal will enable free distribution of digital prints for e-readers.

1,500 printed copies of the first Ada comic book have already been distributed, through teacher training events, school workshops, and public exhibitions in Wales, the Netherlands and in Santa Barbara, California, during Camp Cosmos. “Their popularity amongst kids and adults at these events has motivated us to seek crowdfunding to share Ada with a much wider audience and inspire kids around the world.”


Collaboration with leaders in astronomy education

To help identify schools around the world for distribution of Ada's Adventures in Science, the creators will be working with leaders in astronomy education and using astronomy for development: Las Cumbres Observatory, Universe in the Classroom, Universe Awareness, and the International Astronomical Union’s Office of Astronomy for Development.

Support for creating the art for these comic books initially came from the Welsh Government, Royal Astronomical Society, and Las Cumbres Observatory.

Send Ada to Schools around the World!

About the creators

As a scientist and artist partnership, Dr Edward Gomez (education director at Las Cumbres Observatory) and Laura Sorvala (independent illustrator) created the "Ada's Adventures in Science" comic book series. They wanted not only to excite kids about science but to empower them to do science.

Contact information

Dr. Edward Gomez, LCO Education Director
E-mail: egomez (at) lco.gobal
Telephone: +44 78080 94090


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