Hands-On LCOGT Science at the AAS Meeting!

LCOGT scientists are attending the winter 2013 meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) in Long Beach, CA. In addition to several poster and oral presentations, LCOGT will be hosting a booth in the conference hall all week. Members of our supernovae, exoplanet, and solar system science teams will be there to talk about their science along with our public outreach group who will be demonstrating the cool interactive education projects available through our website. We will also be showing how to explore our new imaging and photometry archives as well as exhibiting some of the hardware from the 1-meter telescopes.

It's a very exciting time at LCOGT as we are busy commissioning our brand new telescopes in Texas and Chile and pressing ahead with deploying at our South Africa site. Stop by our booth and get a first-hand look at the hardware and software that unites all our facilities into a single, unique resource for observational astronomy.

Join our “Astro-Raffle” and suggest a target for the new telescopes – if your target is chosen, we'll schedule observations of it live during the conference!

Come along and meet the team!

Booth: Main exhibition hall, Row B 133-135

List of posters and sessions:

  • Poster #149.14: MOA-2010-BLG-073L: An M-Dwarf with a Substellar Companion at the Planet/Brown Dwarf Boundary, Rachel Street

  • Poster # 240.18: The LCOGT Science Archive and Data Pipeline, Tim Lister; Zach Walker; David Ciardi, Lee Bennett, Chris Gelino, John Good, Ed Jackson, Anastasia Laity, Wei Mi, Solange Ramirez, Melanie Swain

  • Poster #253.01: Supernova science at LCOGT, Dale A. Howell; Benjamin E. Dilday; David Sand; Jerod T. Parrent; Melissa Graham; Federica Bianco; Stefano Valenti

  • Poster #253.23: OI Signatures in Type Ia Supernovae from the Palomar Transient Factory Survey, Chelsea Harris; Dale A. Howell; Peter E. Nugent; Rollin Thomas

  • Poster #253.26: The Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster Survey: Supernovae and More, Melissa Graham; David Sand; Chris Bildfell; Dennis F. Zaritsky; Christopher Pritchet

  • Poster #345.23: LCOGT's New Telescopes and Instruments, Timothy M. Brown; Michelle Becker; Ben Burleson; John De Vera; Diana Dragomir; Matt Dubberley; Jason Eastman; Melissa Graham; Ben Haldeman; Eric Hawkins; Rachel Haynes; Annie Hjelstrom; Dale A. Howell; John Hygelund; Tim Lister; Rich Lobdill; Martin Norbury; David Petry; Andrew Pickles; Vincent Posner; Wayne Rosing; David Sand; Rachel Street; Yiannis Tsapras; Joseph Tufts; Stefano Valenti

  • Oral #315.02D: Transiting Super-Earth Exoplanets: Search and Characterization with the MOST Space Telescope, Diana Dragomir

  • Poster # 444.01: Photometric and Spectroscopic Observations of SN 2012dn, a Super-Chandra Candidate Type-Ia Supernova, Jerod T. Parrent

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