LCO & Sencha: Advancing Discoveries in the Universe

Sep 16, 2020

LCO & Sencha

Las Cumbres Observatory’s software user interface that controls and monitors the global network of twenty-three fully robotic telescopes is powered by the Sencha software product GXT. With the interface designed using Sencha’s GXT product, LCO’s operations team is able to control and monitor thousands of telemetric data points and telescope controls through a highly customizable and intelligent interface.

Sencha’s GXT is a comprehensive Java framework for building web apps using the GWT (formerly Google Web Toolkit) compiler, allowing developers to write apps in Java & compile their code into highly optimized cross-platform HTML5 code. Sencha recently did a case study of LCO's use of their product and featured the case study on their website. Please read the full case study here.

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