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LCO on Maui

Aug 14, 2023

Haleakalā Observatory on the island of Maui

Las Cumbres Observatory operates an observatory on the island of Maui on Mount Haleakalā. This site is the home of our 2-meter Faulkes Telescope North and two of our 0.4-meter telescopes.

We are all deeply saddened by the devastation caused by the wildfires in this special place.

LCO employs two people on Maui who manage the site and tend the telescopes. They and their families are safe and are assisting in the recovery efforts. The observatory itself has had power restored and was reopened last night for observations.

For those who wish to help with donations, the Washington Post and the New York Times have compiled lists of reputable organizations.

To quote our new site engineer at Haleakalā:

"I have only been here a few months and I stand with my head bowed to the people of these islands."