Network status: contention plots; Sinistro cameras

We're now one month into the 2015B observing semester. We hope that everyone's science projects are going well.
Two Sinistro cameras are being tested on the 1-meter telescopes at our Siding Spring site (COJ), so those telescopes are currently not available for science observations. We've been able to determine that the camera mounted on the telescope in Dome B was damaged during transport. It will be removed this week and returned to headquarters for repairs. The SBIG camera will be re-installed and made available for science observations. The commissioning of the Sinistro camera in Dome A is ongoing. We hope to release that camera for science observations very soon. Our plan is to install the next Sinistro camera at our McDonald Observatory site (ELP) during the week of November 16. 
At the Science Collaboration meeting this past July, we presented network "contention plots", which display the demand for the various Network sites and instruments, as well as the RAs for which requests are made. These plots were well-received at the meeting, so we've now made them available through a link on our "Observatory Tools" page: . Descriptions of the plots and some additional features will be added to the page soon.
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