Network status: Intra/Inter Proposal Priority

We have implemented a system to allow users to promote (or demote) the priority of observing requests within their science programs. An introduction to this system, called IPP for "Intra/Inter Proposal Priority", is available from our Documentation webpage, as well as in the observatory portalThe IPP system is voluntary; users may choose to adopt or ignore it.
Other Network updates:
1. The kb78 SBIG camera on the 1-meter in Dome A in Chile has been replaced with a different SBIG, kb69. This swap is the next step in our effort to eradicate the occurrences of "shutter failure" in the SBIG cameras. The commissioning of the replacement SBIG is underway, and we have begun acquiring calibration frames. On 2016-06-06, the kb69 camera was erroneously made available to the scheduler and acquired about 6 hours of images for various science projects. These observations haven't been vetted and cannot yet be processed through the data pipeline.
2. LCOGT's ORAC-DR pipeline was stopped on June 2. All new processed frames are products of the BANZAI pipeline. An overview of the BANZAI pipeline is linked from our Documentation page. The BANZAI pipeline is being improved daily; as we make changes, we'll continue to update the documentation. One aspect of the BANZAI pipeline you should be aware of is that the processed frames are in multi-extension FITS format. (The ORAC-DR pipeline produced standard FITS files.) For more information on our science data products, see the Science Archive documentation.
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