Network status: many Sinistros, one vision

Oct 20, 2016

There have been many recent advances on LCO's Sinistro camera front. I'm pleased to announce that we have reached a long-awaited milestone: all of our 1-meter telescopes are now equipped with Sinistro cameras.
Today, a Sinistro (fl15) was installed on the telescope in Dome A at Cerro Tololo (LSC). Commissioning observations will begin immediately, so the telescope is currently unavailable for science observations.
Last week, on October 12, Sinistros were installed in Domes A & B at LCO's Sutherland site (CPT). The Sinistro in Dome B, fl14, completed the commissioning procedure quickly, and it began making science observations on October 18. The fl14 images will be processed through the BANZAI pipeline as soon as we've acquired flat field observations with all the basic filters. ----- The camera in Dome A, fl16, is still undergoing the commissioning process.

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