Network status: new url, FTN Spectral shutter, visibility tool update

Oct 17, 2016

Last week, we announced that Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network is now simply Las Cumbres Observatory, and the url of our website has changed to If you've been using scripts that call our various APIs with the "" domain name, those scripts should be edited to use the "" domain name instead.
The Spectral camera on the 2-meter telescope (FTN) on Haleakala started having shutter problems (again!) on October 10. Images from that night were blank. The bad news is that this camera has been offline ever since, while we've investigated the problem. The good news is that a representative of the shutter's manufacturer has joined the investigation, and the most likely cause of the malfunction has been identified. We hope to have the Spectral camera restored to service in a few days.
The Sinistro camera (fl11) in Dome B at Siding Spring has been making science observations for almost two weeks. We began processing images through the BANZAI pipeline a few days ago, and reduced images are available in the science archive
The Target Visibility Tool (TVT) has been updated to include our Tenerife (TFN) site. The visibility of a target from TFN is indicated in orange. Unfortunately, the 0.4-meter telescope on Tenerife is still out-of-service. Two members of our TelOps team will be at the site next week to fix the problem. 

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