Network status: Sinistro astrometry, binning

We have corrected a glitch in the Sinistro cameras. Because of the way the raw frames were processed, one row of pixels was removed between the top and bottom quadrants. The omission is "invisible" (i.e. there's no gap in the processed frame), but the omitted row creates a discontinuity in the astrometry between the top and bottom halves of the frames. We have recently corrected this omission, and hereafter, images will be astrometrically continuous from the top to the bottom of the frames. To accommodate this change, we must also make the correction to our flat fields, so that we can properly flat field the new-format frames.
We have also recently disabled the Sinistro's 2x2 binning mode. Although the mode has been available up to now on the two Sinistros at LCOGT's Chilean site, it has never been properly characterized or officially supported.  We plan to implement this mode in the future, after completing the deployment of Sinistros to all our 1-meter telescopes.
If you'd like more information on these changes, please contact LCOGT science support.
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