Network status: Sinistro in Australia, new archive features

On August 29, a Sinistro camera, fl12, was installed on the 1-meter telescope in Dome A at Siding Spring (COJ). Although the commissioning observations made since then have been limited (by poor weather), the performance of the fl12 Sinistro exceeds that of fl08, the camera that it replaced. The fl12 Sinistro will be made available for science observations beginning tonight. However, until flat fields have been acquired with the filters required by the science images, only the raw images will be available in the archive. We will begin processing images through the BANZAI pipeline as soon as we have sufficient flat fields.
Two new features have been added to the science archive user interface. One is the ability to export the data displayed in the search results table to a variety of formats, including csv and MS-Excel. The export button is in the upper right corner of the interface, with a slanted arrow symbol on it. The other new feature is that FITS header keywords and values can now be displayed, in alphabetical order, through the interface. To do so, select a file by clicking on the + symbol in the left column, then click on the "View Header" button.
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