Network status: Sinistro in South Africa, get_cadence_request

Jul 26, 2016

The Sinistro camera on the telescope in Dome C at our Sutherland (South Africa) site is now available for science observations. It acquired its first post-commissioning science observations tonight ... before, alas, the dome closed-up because of bad weather. We will continue to monitor this camera's performance, but as always, we welcome your feedback (email
We have introduced a new feature for those of you who submit requests for cadenced observations through our API. The feature is an API endpoint, called /get_cadence_request/, that accepts as input an observing request and its cadence parameters (start time, end time, period, jitter). What gets returned is a set of requests for only those times in the cadence when the target is visible. This set of requests can then be submitted for scheduling. The /get_cadence_request/ result is also useful for revealing when gaps in cadenced observations will occur because the target is not visible. For more information, see the description on our developers page.

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