Network status: start of the 2016B semester

The 2016B semester began at 0 UT today. To those of you who will use the Network for the first time this semester, we say, "Welcome". As in past semesters, if you'd like assistance with preparing your observing requests, please email our Science Support team.
Last week, I reported that the Sinistro camera in Dome B in Chile (LSC) warmed-up unexpectedly and would remain offline until the cooling system can be repaired. We've since determined that we can operate the camera at a slightly-higher-than-normal temperature with no ill effects on the images, so the camera (fl03) was restored to service on Monday. The camera will need to be taken offline again to repair the cooling system. If the repair will disrupt observing, we'll let you know.
The Sinistro camera (fl12) in Dome A at Siding Spring Observatory (COJ) has been making science observations since September 1, but because of many weathered-out nights at the site, it has taken us much longer than we expected to acquire flat field images with all filters. We have begun processing the fl12 images through the data reduction pipeline. The first "Reduced (BANZAI)" images are now available in the science archive.
Dome B at Siding Spring is still unavailable for observations. We are evaluating the performance of the fl11 Sinistro camera, which was installed on September 21.
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