New controllers for Sinistro cameras

Aug 8, 2018

Since July 27, we have been testing a new STA Archon CCD controller on the fl16 Sinistro imager (on the Dome B 1-meter telescope at the Sutherland site). The installation of the Archon controller on fl16 is the first step in our campaign to replace the CCD controllers on all of the Sinistros in the network. We will continue to deploy Archon controllers to other sites throughout the year.

The benefits of the new controller are improved noise behavior and reduced cross-talk. There will be no change to the BANZAI-pipeline data products; processing with new biases, dark, and flats is done the same as before.

We plan to make the fl16 Sinistro available for science observations beginning on the night of 2018-08-09. If you use Sinistro observations for your science program, and you notice oddities in new CPT-fl16 data, please send a report to .

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