No power on Haleakala

13 Feb 2019

A powerful storm slammed into Maui this past weekend. High winds blew down utility poles, and power went out at Haleakala observatory. Today, the site still had no power, so observations haven't been possible. Our site manager is at the summit today to assess whether there's been any damage. We will update you on the timeline for resuming operations at Haleakala when we get more information. If you have time-critical observations scheduled from that site (OGG) in the coming nights, it's unlikely that they will get executed. If it's possible for us to make your time-critical observations elsewhere (e.g. with the 1m telescope in Texas), let us know.

At our Siding Spring site (COJ), the FLOYDS spectrograph malfunctioned on the night of 2019-02-02, and it has been out-of-service since then. FLOYDS will be repaired as soon as possible; replacement parts are on their way to the site.

Also at Siding Spring, the fa12 Sinistro camera (on the 1m telescope in Dome A) has been taken offline because of a problem maintaining temperature stability. The problem is under investigation.

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