Sinistro readout; real time BANZAI pipeline

Feb 4, 2019

At 0 UT on Feb 5, we will be reducing the CCD overhead times on the Sinistro imagers from 38s to 28s. The change will be immediately carried over to the calculation of overheads in the user portal. We will attempt to identify pre-transition observation requests that were generated using the request form's "Fill" button and contact the authors of those requests.

Later this week (Wednesday), we will take the final steps in the launch of the "real time" BANZAI pipeline. At that point, "quick look" data products (files with "e11" in their names) will no longer be available. However, the pipeline will create final data products (with "e91" in their names) on the "quick look" timescale, i.e. as soon as possible after the data are received at LCO headquarters.

Since the last report, we have fixed a bug on the user portal's request composition page. The target lookup service was setting the "parallax" field to 0. The service is now working correctly, and parallaxes are entered into the form.

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