Teide, McDonald Observatories back in the network

Apr 20, 2020

We have resumed science observations with telescopes at Teide Observatory (TFN) and McDonald Observatory (ELP).

On Tenerife, the IAC director authorized the resumption of operations on April 13, albeit with new regulations for the observatory staff. Following a night of testing, science observations with the 0m4b telescope resumed on the night of April 15. (The 0m4a telescope is still offline because of a problem with the telescope drives.)

In Texas, the resumption of LCO operations was approved by the observatory superintendent on April 7, and our network connection was restored a week later. Science observations with the 0m4a telescope began on the night of April 16 and with the 1m telescope in Dome A on April 17. (The Dome B telescope and the NRES spectrograph require maintenance and remain offline.) 

At Siding Spring Observatory (COJ), the focus mechanism on the 0m4a telescope is broken. The telescope is out-of-service until some parts can be replaced.

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