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Public Talk

Hearing the Stars: New Insights into Stellar Interiors

February 22, 2017

When: February 22, 2017 6:00PM
Where: Fleischmann Auditorium, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 2559 Puesta del Sol, Santa Barbara

Lars Bildsten


Space-based observations from the Kepler satellite have provided a remarkable new tool for studying stars. Simply by measuring how bright a star is over many years, we can now directly measure its mass, radius, rate of rotation, and sometimes, the magnetic field it possesses. This has now been done for tens of thousands of stars across the Milky Way, also allowing us to identify those few stars that are in short-lived phases of their evolution. It's a great story of how theory and observation, together, can make a remarkable impact on our understanding of the universe.

FREE Planetarium show at 6:00pm

Lecture at 7:30 pm

Viewing of the night sky provided by the Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit.

We want to thank the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History for graciously providing the venue for this event.

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Lars Bildsten, President, Board of Directors
Lars Bildsten

We are pleased that Prof. Lars Bildsten will be speaking at our event in February!  Prof. Bildsten is the Director of the Kavli Insitute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB. In January, he was awarded the Dannie Heineman Prize for Astrophysics, awarded jointly by the American Institute of Physics and the American Astronomical Society. Bildsten has been recognized “for his leadership and observationally grounded theoretical modeling that has yielded fundamental insights into the physics of stellar structure and evolution, compact objects and stellar explosions.”

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