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May 12, 2015


When: May 12, 2015 7:00PM

Science Agenda Now Available!

The science agenda has now been finalized as can be found under the Science Topics tab on the right. All presenters are strongly encouraged to read the instructions and prepare their contributions early!
Please share our poster with your collaborators and colleagues!

For more information about Hot-Wired conferences please see the conference page for Hotwired III, Santa Fe, November 2013.

Topics will include:

Surveys for transient and time domain phenomena
Communicating astronomical alerts and information
Target and project databases, data mining and data sharing
Target classification, selection and prioritization systems
Analysis and modeling of transient and time domain phenomena
Citizen Science in the time domain
Requirements for survey follow-up: software, instrumentation, time allocation
Coordinating follow-up efforts
Funding time domain science and infrastructure

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