Local restaurants

Catering during the workshop

Breakfast will be provided during the workshop on Days 1 - 4 (please note: not on Day 0, which will start after lunch).

Refreshments will also be provided at morning and afternoon coffee breaks.

Lunch and dinner will not be provided, but there are a number of restaurants within walking distance of the meeting, for lunch and dinner, mostly on Lake Avenue.

Several services also offer delivery options, and we can facilitate arranging lunch delivery.

Carnegie Observatories is shown on the map above as the purple house.

  • 491 N Lake, The Hat (Hamburgers, Sandwiches)
  • 700 N Lake, Puebla Tacos, Little Caesars
  • 720 N Lake, Milo's Cafe (Sandwiches vegan and veg), Omma Rice and Chicken (Korean), U Pick (Middle Eastern)
  • 731 N Lake, El Polo Unico (Cash only)
  • 743 N Lake, Starbucks
  • 765 N Lake, Del Taco
  • 790 N Lake, Carl's Jr
  • 799 N Lake, McDonald's
  • 820 N Lake, Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • 899 N Lake, Popeye's Chicken
  • 920 N Lake, Pietros Deli (Pizza, Sandwiches)

Delivery services:

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