TOM Workshop agenda

Please note this is a draft and subject to revision

Day 0: Technologies Primer [Optional; afternoon only]

Introduction to the software frameworks and terminologies used in the TOM Toolkit, particularly Django.

Day 1: Follow-up Ecosystem and TOM Toolkit

  • Briefings on all aspects of follow-up ecosystem and the roles of TOMs, brokers and interfacing services, from their developers.
  • Science use-cases of existing TOM systems in action
  • Introduction to the AEON network, and programmatically-accessible observing facilities
  • Hands-on session: Introduction to the TOM Toolkit package
  • Discussion session: Functionality and services necessary for science programs

  • Day 2: Surveys and Brokers

  • Presentations from surveys on their current status, alert content and distribution
  • Discussion session: Survey and alerts Q&A, large-scale coordination of follow-up observing programs
  • Presentations from broker developer teams
  • Hands-on session: Filtering alert streams from brokers and ingesting them to a TOM.

  • Day 3: Observing Facilities

  • Presentations from observing facilities regarding their plans for the LSST era:
  • LCO demonstrate API capabilities, describe expansion of request language to support new instrumentation and AEON
  • SOAR developments
  • Gemini development and plans
  • Hands-on session: Submitting observing requests using a TOM.
  • Discussion session: Supporting observation requests for diverse facilities and instruments, and observation scheduling

  • Day 4: Integration with Data Archives and User-developed Software

  • Presentations from data archives:
  • Demonstration of TOM interface with LCO data archive
  • LSST Science Platform
  • Gemini archive
  • Hands-on session: Integrating user-developed software with a TOM system
  • Introduction to TOM KnowledgeBase, process for sharing community-developed plugins, review process for pull requests for community contributions to TOM Toolkit.
  • Proposal writing