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Managing your observing proposal

While anyone may create a user account on the LCO observing portal, only users assigned to a proposal to which time has been allocated can submit requests for observations.

A unique proposal has been created for all successful education partner programs, with the assigned amount of observing time. To access your proposal, log in to the ​Observing Portal​ and click on the “Manage Proposals” link in the header. The new page will show a list of Your Proposals.


Here are some tips on how to manage your proposal.

Adding new users

To invite a user or ‘co-investigator’ to your proposal, enter their email address where indicated on the right-side of your proposal page and press "add". You may add multiple addresses at once as a comma separated list.

If the user is already registered with LCO, they will be immediately added to your proposal. If not, they will receive an invitation email.

The email provides a link to a registration form. Advise new users to register using the same email address or they will not receive access to your proposal.  simply add the new email to the proposal as before and their account will gain access


Assigning observing credit

At the bottom of the page you will see the observing time for your proposal in hours per semester. The observing time is shared between all users on a proposal.

Set a Global Hour Limit to assign the same number of observing hours (hour limit) to each Co-I on your proposal using the box indicated on the right-side of your proposal page. The hour limit can be given in decimal hours.


To assign an individual hour limit, find the intended co-I and click the pencil icon next to their hour limit. Enter the new hour limit into the box that appears and click “set limit”.