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Kiosk Cheat Sheet

This is a quick guide on how to use the Kiosk observing portal.

Getting started

To start using Kiosk, please log in to using your LCO observing account details.

Once logged in you should have the ability to submit an observation in a couple of different ways, and also see your past observations.

Kiosk main

To begin observing, you'll first need to select your project from the drop down list in the top left. This will show a list of any observing projects you are involved in. Once this and the telescope size have been set, you are ready to choose a target to observe.

Kiosk project select crop

Submitting an observation

There are two ways to select a target - either through Suggestions, or Catalog LookUp.

If you don't have a specific target object you want to observe, you can use Suggestions. This will show you multiple target options in various categories such as galaxies and planets to observe. You can click on the target type buttons (e.g. Galaxy) multiple times to refresh the choice of targets listed. Once you've selected a target, click the Submit button and your observation request will be submitted.

Kiosk suggestions

Alternatively, if you want to observe a particular object, you can go to Catalog LookUp and type in the name of the target object you want to observe. When the target is found you can click the Submit button and your observation request will be submitted.

Kiosk catalog search

Kiosk catalog lookup

To switch between the Suggestions and Catalog LookUp options click on the Reset button.

Your Observations

Once you've submitted an observation, you will see it appear in the past observations list as pending (clock icon).

Kiosk pending observation

If you've submitted an observation but want to cancel it, you can do so by clicking Cancel in the actions column.

When your observation has been taken, you'll see its status change to completed (tick icon), and you can click on Get Image to view your image. This will show you a color image of your observation, a download option, a link to your observation in the observing portal, and show the number of images in the observation.

Kiosk M104 Get Image

You can also view any of your previously submitted observations in the observing portal by clicking on the target name in the Target column of the Past Observations list.

If you want to find an observation you've made of a particular target from your list of past observations, you can use the search bar at the bottom of the list. To return to the full list of observations, click on the reset icon to the left of the search bar.

kiosk search result