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150 Teachers, IASC Worldwide Outreach

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The International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) requests 225 hours on the LCO 0.4-m telescope network. During a 12-month time period, these hours will be distributed in 90-minute allotments to 150 teachers from all over the world. These teachers will interact in the classroom with ~1100 students, ranging age-wise from middle school to high school.

The teachers will be trained to use the LCO 0.4-m network in their classrooms. Training will include use of Aladin and SalsaJ for image processing of deep sky objects, and Stellarium as a desktop planetarium tool.

Audience Region
  • Asia
Affiliation: International Astronomical Search Collaboration
Partner website: For more information
Active: Aug 2021 → Aug 2022
  • Online workshops/training/mentoring