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Astronomy 4 Equity

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Astronomy for Equity will use Las Cumbres Observatory telescopes to provide hands-on educational experiences for the most isolated students – not the underserved but the unserved who are beyond the reach of nonprofits and NGOs. These students have the same aspirations, ambitions, and potential but languish in opportunity deserts. Astronomy for Equity will identify, recruit, organize, and support these previously unserved students. This program is also a collaboration between several long-standing Global Sky Partners, who will train and support the students through a program of remote observing based on their existing curricula.

Audience Region
  • Europe
  • Northern Africa
Organizers: Mike Simmons
Affiliation: Astronomy 4 Equity
Partner website: For more information
Active: Aug 2023 → present
Contact: Get in touch with this partner
  • Online workshops/training/mentoring