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Bringing Astronomy Research to Underrepresented Groups

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This program will bring astronomy research opportunities to youth groups (high school age) in out-of-school and after-school settings. They will be given instruction on the research process and then work in groups to conduct a project, selecting from several types, including double star astrometry, RR Lyrae photometry, exoplanet and asteroid light curves, variable star light curves and gamma ray burst follow-up optical observations. This program will be based in part on the Astronomy Research Seminar, taught for the past 10 years out Cuesta Community college in which student groups propose and then carry out a study of a double star system or several systems, collecting and analyzing data and writing up their analysis in a paper for publication in the Journal of Double Star Observations, all within the time frame of a single semester. Students then present their project in either an online or in-person meeting. This program is unique in its requirement for publication by students, and has been successful due to the large Community-of-Practice involved in the program. This proposal would expand the seminar to other groups of students, outside of Cuesta. The longer-term goal is to expand the program nationally, incorporating a larger community being established through the Global Telescope Network (GTN). Working with advanced amateurs, such as AAVSO members, as well as NASA and other subject matter experts, we hope to include research projects on eclipsing binaries, asteroids and exoplanet transits. This is a pilot program aimed at scaling the research seminar nationally and internationally.

Audience Region
  • Northern America
Organizers: Laura Peticolas, Gordon Speer
Affiliation: Sonoma State University
Active: Dec 2018 → present
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  • In-person workshops/training/mentoring