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Our Research focuses on the study of astrophysical phenomena associated with the variability of stars of the main sequence little studied and that in repositories have scarce data and references, we also want to identify the variability starting with the star TYC 8409-975-1 and solve if it is an eclipsing binary system with its characteristics and Astrophysical transitory phenomena supported by the network of 0.40-meter robotic telescopes of the LCO network, perfect for this purpose, thanks to them we can monitor this Binary system throughout its orbital period.

Audience Region
  • Latin America and Caribbean
Organizers: John Carlos Mora, Olga Lucia Grisales, Nikolay Mora Grisales, Ivonne Mora Martínez, Daivid Mora
Affiliation: ExpoAstronomy - Program Teacher Training Primary and High School of Schools and Colleges of Colombia and South America
Active: Aug 2021 → present
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  • In-person workshops/training/mentoring