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Hunting Outbursting Young Stars (HOYS)

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HOYS is a citizen science project working together with amateur astronomers. They provide the observational data for our research in star and planet formation. HOYS as an LCO Global Sky partner will allow amateur astronomers without access to telescopes equipped with a camera to obtain data for one of our target regions and thus participate in the project.

The group of participants, as a community, will hence build up their own set of light curves of young stars during the project. HOYS will provide guidance to participants to conduct their own small research projects with the data obtained by them as well as using the wealth of other publicly available HOYS data.

Audience Region
  • Europe
Organizers: Dirk Froebrich, Alexander Scholz, Roger Pickard, Mark Phillips, Siegfried Vanaverbeke, Rupert Champion, Vicky Mason
Affiliation: University of Kent
Partner website: For more information
Active: Jul 2020 → present
  • Citizen science