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Modeling Instruction is largely regarded as one of the most effective pedagogies known, and making LCO telescopes a part of MI Astronomy will enable gradual and steady growth into eventually many classrooms in the United States. In particular, a very important feature of Modeling Instruction is that the MI Workshops are in high demand by US teachers, are usually filled, and also self-supporting. Teachers/schools will pay for such workshops, because MI supports state and National Standards, kids learn more, they score better on tests, attain higher grades, and are more interested in careers in science and technology. Moving into a system that is sustained by word-of-mouth marketing and not dependent on peculiarities of national and state grants is a great position for long term growth and sustainability.

Audience Region
  • Northern America
Organizers: Colleen Megowan, Richard Lohman, Carl Pennypacker
Affiliation: American Modeling Teachers Association
Active: Dec 2017 → Dec 2019
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  • In-person workshops/training/mentoring
  • Online workshops/training/mentoring

What we achieved:

As part of our effort to make LCO images useful in Modeling Instruction, we have acquired perhaps the best set ever of images of Jupiter’s Moons. The FITS and jpeg are images available.

This data set was made into Jupiter Moon Movie:

Jupiter moons are a keystone activity of much of physics and astronomy education, and hence having this data set if a significant accomplishment of this time.