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Moon Over Us

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Moon Over Us project promotes the observations of the Moon by students on different continents. Students learn about the Moon, its distance from Earth, and how it changes it's shape. Each day they observe and sketch or take pictures of the Moon from the first waxing crescent right after the new moon to full Moon and then back to the new moon. As this is happening students add their images to the class webpages with their observations about the changes each day. In the project, students and teachers from around the world exchange and discuss results.

Audience Region
  • Online only
Organizers: Bonnie B.Thurber, Hongfeng Guo, Lynn Zelinski, Gayle Greenwald, SN Sugumar Iyer, Rayan Khan, Dr. Suresh Iyer, Amritanshu Vajpayee, Boros Bianca, Vikky Cheng, Chitra Singh, Ms. Geetanjali Nair
Affiliation: iSTEAM Academy, Educational Continuum Org NFP
Active: Aug 2022 → present
  • Online workshops/training/mentoring