Global Sky Partners

QNL Astronomy Club


The program aims to inspire Qatar National Library visitors to look to the sky and ask questions. This program is aligned with Qatar Foundation’s overarching mission of unlocking human potential. Specifically the program aims to:

  1. To empower the next generation of scientists, researchers and philosophers.
  2. To use the excitement that astronomy engenders to increase public understanding of science and scientific methods and to make clear that science is a pathway to discovery, not just a collection of facts. 
  3. To capitalize on the close involvement of astronomy with technology and instrumentation to contribute to training the technical work force.
  4. To increase science awareness in communities to stimulate the scientific curiosity of learners from a young age to encourage learners to study science at a tertiary level.
Audience Region
  • Middle East
  • Organizers:
    Ahmed Saad
    Qatar National Library
    Partner website:
    Jul 2020 → present
  • In-person workshops/training/mentoring
  • Online workshops/training/mentoring
  • qatar national library