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Scintillating Citizens

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The goal of this project will be to put the act of collecting and analyzing photometric data in the hands of the visitors to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum website. One (or more) variable stars will be pre-selected by the project lead, Jesse Rogerson. A prominent call-to-action will pull visitors to the website by asking if they want to participate in an active astrophysical project. Visitors will be taught what a variable star is, why we study them, and then be asked to help monitor a variable star.

The goal will be to build up photometric measurements of a long-term variable star (2 to 6 months period). Once a full light-curve has been collected, analysis will begin by both Jesse Rogerson and undergraduate astrophysics students at Carleton University.

We aim to get real people performing real observations, and then be given real control of the data they collect.

Audience Region
  • Northern America
Organizers: Jesse Rogerson
Affiliation: Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario
Partner website: For more information
Active: Dec 2019 → Dec 2020
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  • In-person workshops/training/mentoring
  • Online workshops/training/mentoring