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Stellar Horizons: Empowering US Hispanic Youth in Astronomy

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An after-school program with an emphasis on citizen astronomy targeting underserved Hispanic Communities in the USA. The partner aims to provide knowledge, tools, and resources to facilitate the effective use of LCO images. This partner has spent many years developing such tools to make LCO images useful to secondary school-age students in Colombia, and now brings them together for a new pilot.

Audience Region
  • Northern America
Organizers: Carolina Escobar García, Galileo Teacher Training Program Ambassador; Brian Kruse, Astronomical Society of the Pacific; Carl Pennypacker, Hands on Universe
Affiliation: Galileo Teacher Training Program, GHOU, University of California at Berkeley, and Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Active: Aug 2023 → present
  • In-person workshops/training/mentoring
  • Online workshops/training/mentoring