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Tactile Observatory


The Tactile Observatory is a pilot extension of the Tactile Universe (TU) project, which will allow blind and vision impaired students learning about galaxies research through the TU project, to make observations using LCO. Using the TU's tactile image processing pipeline, students will then be able to 3D print their observations as tactile images. The involved students will also act as a test group to give feedback on the best ways to maximise the accessibility of the LCO observing interface. The audience is blind and vision impaired students from KS2 (upper primary) and KS3 (lower secondary) in UK.

Audience Region
  • Europe
  • Organizers:
    Nicolas Bonne
    University of Portsmouth
    Partner website:
    Dec 2018 → Dec 2019
  • In-person workshops/training/mentoring
  • tactile universe