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Training Novae Hunters

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There are few spaces where teachers and researchers can dialogue and exchange knowledge to co-construct appropriate educational proposals for the classroom, which allow addressing the learning objectives proposed by the curriculum, and which consider real data from research as content.

To address this challenge, the education team aims to promote the transfer of knowledge to the classroom and the learning of astronomy with real data, which has been provided and validated by the science team. So far, in our project we have worked with data downloaded from astronomical databases in order to incorporate the topics of exoplanets and pulsars in the high school classroom. Now with this proposal, we propose to use our own data using robotic telescopes from the LCO educational network to acquire time-resolved photometric data of novae and/or recurrent novae stars, to link these data to the teaching of mathematics in topics such as growth, decay and periodic functions.

Audience Region
  • Latin America and Caribbean
Organizers: Irma Fuentes, Ignacia Benito, Fernanda Alarcón, Carla Hernández, Sebastián Pérez
Affiliation: Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Partner website: For more information
Active: Aug 2022 → present
  • In-person workshops/training/mentoring