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Public Talk
Oct 31, 2018

David Spergel (Princeton University)

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Astronomy on Tap

How to Wake Up a Monster (Supermassive Black Holes, Galaxy Crashes, and all the rest..)
Emanuele Paolo Farina (UCSB)

New Horizons: From Pluto to Ultima Thule, Infinity and Beyond
Tim Lister (LCO)

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Astronomy on Tap

Building Super Star Clusters on Supercomputers
Benny Tsang (UCSB)

My Attraction to Magnets
Dan Read (Cardiff University)


Public Talk

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Astronomy on Tap

Explosions in Space.
Maria Drout (Carnegie Observatories)

Spectroscopy: Telling you how the Universe really works.
Tobias Schmidt (UCSB)


Astronomy on Tap

Mission Gravity: What Newton never knew.
Roger Freedman (UCSB)

Dark Forces that Shape the Universe
Julio Navarro (University of Victoria)

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Public Talk
May 23, 2018

Gabriela González (Louisiana State University)


Astronomy on Tap

The Universe in Infrared Light
Rebecca Larson (UT Austin)

Astronomy, What is it good for?
Iair ("ya-eer") Arcavi (LCO/UCSB)


Astronomy on Tap

Astronomy - It's not just for Tesla drivers
Chuck McPartlin (SBAU)

The Sky is Alive with the Sound of Music
Greg Salvesen (UCSB)


Astronomy on Tap

How to Take a Picture of an Extra-solar World.
Isabel Lipartito (UCSB)

From Sputnik to Tesla: The Things We Launch into Space
Monica Turner (LCO)


Public Talk
Feb 21, 2018

Debra Fischer (Yale University)


Astronomy on Tap

A Saturnian Farewell: Thirteen Years of Cassini
Joey Chatelain (LCO)

How Fast Can You Grow a Supermassive Black Hole?
Fred Davies (UCSB)


Astronomy on Tap

Gravitational Waves from Merging Neutron Stars
Duncan Brown (Syracuse University)

A Kilanova from Merging Neutron Stars
Andy Howell (LCO/UCSB)


Public Talk
Nov 16, 2017

Alan Stern (NASA)


Public Talk
Nov 6, 2017

Iair Arcavi (Las Cumbres Observatory)


Public Talk
Aug 9, 2017

Tim Brown (Las Cumbres Observatory)


Astronomy on Tap

Exploding Stars, Dark Energy, and the Runaway Universe
Jeff Silverman (Samba TV)

The Science of Star Trek
Rachael Livermore (UT Austin)


Astronomy on Tap

A Brief History of LCO: What it Takes to Run a Worldwide Observatory
Brian Haworth and Eric Saunders (LCO)

Hunting for Dark Matter: The Underground Search for the Missing Universe
Sally Shaw (UCSB)


Astronomy on Tap

Giant Rocks from Space: Threats or Treasures?
Tim Lister (LCO)

How to Fight an Undead Army of Galaxies
Kevin Bundy (UCSB)


Astronomy on Tap

Did Double Stars End the Cosmic Dark Ages?
Ylva Gotberg (University of Amsterdam)

The American Total Solar Eclipse of 2017
Andy Howell (LCO/UCSB)


Astronomy on Tap

Astounding facts about the Universe and how we observe it.
Curtis McCully, Sara Greenstreet, Rachel Street, Charlotte Mason, Todd Boroson, Nikolas Volgenau, Etienne Bachelet, Griffin Hosseinzadeh, Tim Lister, Greg Salvesen and Iair ("ya-eer") Arcavi (LCO/UCSB)

Lars Bildsten, President, Board of Directors

Public Talk
Feb 22, 2017

Lars Bildsten (UCSB)


Astronomy on Tap

Cosmic Fog: Strange Clouds Around Our Galaxy
Mike McCourt (UCSB)

Black Holes: Nature's Beer Goggles
Greg Salvesen (UCSB)


Public Talk
Dec 12, 2016

Tabetha Boyajian (Louisiana State University)