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Network status: Happy Thanksgiving!

18 Nov 2016
In the past few weeks, we've experienced intermittent problems with internet connectivity to some of our network sites, which has prevented us from promptly delivering images to our science archive. In all of these cases, the connectivity problems we

Network status: many Sinistros, one warning

27 Oct 2016
One week ago, all of LCO's 1-meter telescopes are equipped with Sinistro cameras. Today, all of the Sinistros are available for science observations, and the raw images are getting processed through the BANZAI reduction pipeline.

Network status: Spectral camera; Sinistro images in archive; moon separation constraint

24 Oct 2016
The shutter on the Spectral camera on FTN (Haleakala) was replaced last week, and test observations indicate that the shutter is behaving itself. The camera has been cleared to resume science observations. 

Network status: many Sinistros, one vision

20 Oct 2016
There have been many recent advances on LCO's Sinistro camera front. I'm pleased to announce that we have reached a long-awaited milestone: all of our 1-meter telescopes are now equipped with Sinistro cameras.

Network status: new url, FTN Spectral shutter, visibility tool update

17 Oct 2016
Last week, we announced that Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network is now simply Las Cumbres Observatory, and the url of our website has changed to If you've been using scripts that call our various APIs with the

LCOGT becomes Las Cumbres Observatory

14 Oct 2016
On Friday, October 14, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGT) changed its name to Las Cumbres Observatory.  Associated with this change is a new website, featuring new colors and a new logo, at a new URL,, and ne

Network status: Dome B in Australia, planned DB upgrade

04 Oct 2016
The Sinistro camera on the telescope in Dome B at Siding Spring Observatory is now available for science observations. The images will be processed through the BANZAI pipeline as soon as we have acquired sufficient flat fields. On October 6, from

Network status: start of the 2016B semester

01 Oct 2016
The 2016B semester began at 0 UT today. To those of you who will use the Network for the first time this semester, we say, "Welcome". As in past semesters, if you'd like assistance with preparing your observing requests, please email our Science

Network status: Dome B in Australia; Dome B in Chile

23 Sep 2016
On 21 September, the fl11 Sinistro camera was installed on the 1-meter telescope in Dome B at Siding Spring (COJ). The telescope will be unavailable for science observations while the new Sinistro camera is commissioned.

Hubble confirms a planet orbiting two stars

22 Sep 2016
Artist's impression of the planetary system.

Network status: Spectral camera repaired; Tenerife telescope malfunction

16 Sep 2016
On Monday, 19 October, from 17 - 21 UT, LCO's observatory portal will be closed while we address some software maintenance tasks. You will not be able to submit new observing requests during this time, and the portal website will show an er

Network status: Haleakala Spectral camera offline

07 Sep 2016
The Spectral camera on the 2-meter telescope on Haleakala has been taken out-of-service because of a persistent problem with the camera's shutter. In the past month, the shutter was stuck closed during observations on various nights: Aug 11-15, Aug 3

Network status: Sinistro in Australia, new archive features

01 Sep 2016
On August 29, a Sinistro camera, fl12, was installed on the 1-meter telescope in Dome A at Siding Spring (COJ). Although the commissioning observations made since then have been limited (by poor weather), the performance of the fl12 Sinistro exceeds

Planet Found in the Habitable Zone of our Neighboring Star System

24 Aug 2016
Astronomers have found an Earth-mass planet in the Habitable Zone of our closest neighboring star system.  A version of this article is also available for young scientists! Read it at 

Network status: Sinistro in South Africa, get_cadence_request

26 Jul 2016
The Sinistro camera on the telescope in Dome C at our Sutherland (South Africa) site is now available for science observations. It acquired its first post-commissioning science observations tonight ... before, alas, the dome closed-up because of bad

Call for 2016B proposals

20 Jul 2016
The deadline for submission is 10 August 2016, 23:59 UTC. In 2016B, LCOGT Network has two 2-meter telescopes, nine 1-meter telescopes and three 0.4-meter telescopes available for science observations. The 1m telescopes are equipped with two different

Network status: Information on observing requests

05 Jul 2016
We're pleased to announce that we've modified the observatory portal to provide you with a trove of new information on submitted observing requests.

Track asteroids for Asteroid Day with Las Cumbres Observatory

29 Jun 2016
Las Cumbres Observatory have partnered with Asteroid Day and Universe Awareness to create a website which allows you to take pictures of asteroids, using a global network of telescopes, was launched by Dr Edward Gomez at the National Astronomy Meetin

Network status: SBIG "shutter failure" fixed

15 Jun 2016
In recent status reports, I mentioned that we've swapped SBIG cameras on telescopes in Australia (Dome B) and Chile (Dome A). The swaps were only one step in our efforts to eliminate occurrences of "shutter failure" in these cameras. We bel

Network status: Intra/Inter Proposal Priority

09 Jun 2016
We have implemented a system to allow users to promote (or demote) the priority of observing requests within their science programs. An introduction to this system, called IPP for "Intra/Inter Proposal Priority", is available from our Docum