Restarting operations in South Africa

6 May 2020
We are bringing our telescopes in South Africa back online this week.

Three telescopes back online

1 May 2020
Three telescopes were brought back online in the past week.


23 Apr 2020
NRES observations are currently not possible with any network telescope.

Teide, McDonald Observatories back in the network

20 Apr 2020
We have resumed science observations with telescopes at Teide Observatory (TFN) and McDonald Observatory (ELP).

Teide shut down; BANZAI update

2 Apr 2020

SAAO, McDonald shutdowns

25 Mar 2020
The LCO network continues to operate at Siding Spring Observatory (COJ) in the south and at Wise Observatory (TLV), Teide Observatory (TFN) and Haleakala Observatory (OGG) in the north.

Semester 2020A extension

20 Mar 2020
To mitigate the impact of the shutdown on the 2020A science programs, we have decided to extend the semester by one month.


17 Mar 2020
The global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our global network.

Call for Global Sky Partners 2020B

8 Mar 2020
Las Cumbres Observatory is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for new educational partners, Global Sky Partners, with projects to run between 1 June 2020 - 31 May 2021.

Call for Proposals 2020B

14 Feb 2020

Call for Proposals 2020A

1 Sep 2019

Call for Global Sky Partners 2020

6 Aug 2019
Las Cumbres Observatory is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for new educational partners, Global Sky Partners, with projects to run between 1 December 2019 - 1 December 2020.

Educational coder internship 2019

2 Apr 2019
Are you interested in space and coding? We are running a 6-8 week, paid internship programme between June - August 2019 for undergraduate students. We are looking for students to work with the Las Cumbres Observatory education team to create tools fo

More services at Haleakala

1 Mar 2019
We continue to make progress restoring services at our Haleakala site after the Feb 9 storm. Our portable generator continues to provide power for our equipment. The two 0.4m telescopes resumed making science observations on the night of Feb 27. The

Power restored on Haleakala

25 Feb 2019
We had no power at our Haleakala site for two weeks, but last Friday, we got a portable generator up to the summit and got it hooked up. Our site manager spent the weekend testing all of the systems (enclosure, telescopes, instruments, etc.), and las

Call for Proposals 2019B

20 Feb 2019
Las Cumbres Observatory is soliciting proposals for science observations for the 2019B semester, which will begin on 1 June 2019 and run through 30 November 2019. This call is for astronomers from institutions without guarantees of Network time: the

No power on Haleakala

13 Feb 2019
A powerful storm slammed into Maui this past weekend. High winds blew down utility poles, and power went out at Haleakala observatory. Today, the site still had no power, so observations haven't been possible. Our site manager is at the summit today

Sinistro readout; real time BANZAI pipeline

4 Feb 2019
At 0 UT on Feb 5, we will be reducing the CCD overhead times on the Sinistro imagers from 38s to 28s. The change will be immediately carried over to the calculation of overheads in the user portal. We will attempt to identify pre-transition observati

File name change; Sinistro readout reduction

23 Jan 2019
Last week, I announced that we would be changing the naming convention for the master calibration frames, and that the change was "imminent." Well, today was the day. The BANZAI pipeline has been updated, and now the master calibration frames have na

Master cal file names

16 Jan 2019
LCO's software team is currently working on a project to BANZAI-process data in "real time". Currently, the BANZAI pipeline operates in two modes: it creates a "quick look" data product as soon as an exposure is transferred back to HQ, and it creates