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Global Sky Partners

The goal of the Global Sky Partners program is to inspire students, teachers and the public around the world to engage in scientific endeavors. Through this opportunity, LCO particularly aims to inspire audiences in under-represented communities and the developing world, who would not normally be able to take part in programs involving professional scientific equipment.

LCO annually provides over 1,000 hours of observing time on our telescope network to educational organizations. The Global Sky Partners are a diverse group of educators and scientists who run their own fully-supported education projects and investigations using our telescopes.

Simons Foundation
Moore Foundation

Global Sky Partners is supported by the Simons Foundation and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation

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Global Sky Partner

Asif Stars

The program empowers students through observational research using LCO telescopes. This transformative project by the Asif Astronomy Club inspires a passion for astronomy, fostering scientific skills among underserved communities. Through …

Middle Cosmos

Middle Cosmos

The Middle East is a pretty disadvantaged area but with a lot of interested and talented youth. This project aims to provide them with an opportunity to get in touch …