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Global Sky Partners

The goal of the Global Sky Partners program is to inspire students, teachers and the public around the world to engage in scientific endeavors. Through this opportunity, LCO particularly aims to inspire audiences in under-represented communities and the developing world, who would not normally be able to take part in programs involving professional scientific equipment.

LCO annually provides over 1,000 hours of observing time on our telescope network to educational organizations. The Global Sky Partners are a diverse group of educators and scientists who run their own fully-supported education projects and investigations using our telescopes.

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Global Sky Partners is supported by the Simons Foundation and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation

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Current Global Sky Partners

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Global Sky Partner

100 Global High School Teams

100 Global High School Teams intends to facilitate students and teachers to use the robotic telescope time (0.4m) on LCO for the target objects (galaxies, nebulae, globular & open star …

Global Sky Partner

Astronomy 4 Equity

Astronomy for Equity will use Las Cumbres Observatory telescopes to provide hands-on educational experiences for the most isolated students – not the underserved but the unserved who are beyond the …

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Beyond The Stars

We will use LCO’s 0.4m telescopes for in hands-on astronomical imaging projects for ~200 secondary students in four schools located in Indigenous communities in Canada. High school students will work …


Cosmic Adventures

Cosmic Adventures is an inreach program of the Orange County Astronomers, providing members with opportunities to do real astronomical research and activities of scientific value. By being an inreach this …

Global Sky Partner

Ekatra: Stellar Skies Microlearning Experience

Stellar Skies Microlearning Experience is an innovative educational project that combines Ekatra's expertise in adaptive AI-driven, or chatbot, microlearning with LCO's mission to inspire students globally to engage in astronomy …

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Exoplanet Watch

Exoplanet Watch is a citizen science project to observe transiting exoplanets — planets outside our solar system — with small telescopes. A transiting exoplanet is one that periodically passes in …

Global Sky Partner

Exoworlds Africa

An African wide project involving schools from the Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and Central regions of Africa. The project will demonstrate how the transit method of detecting exoplanets works and …

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Gee Whiz Astronomy Modeling

Gee-Whiz Astronomy Modeling (GWAM) collects small group of students, teachers, and scientists, for astronomy education projects supported by Global Hands-on Universe. Participants live and study in the UK, Spain, Chile, …


MicroObservatory Exoplanet Exploration Partnership

Through a pilot partnership with LCO, MicroObservatory aims to enhance our users’ learning experience. Specifically, we will offer our audiences periodic opportunities to request “Target of Opportunity” exoplanet datasets from …

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Moon Over Us

Moon Over Us project promotes the observations of the Moon by students on different continents. Students learn about the Moon, its distance from Earth, and how it changes it's shape. …


Our Solar Siblings

Our Solar Siblings does three things. It freely provides a fully provisioned, off the shelf, curriculum for secondary teachers teaching astronomy, it freely provides guidance and support for larger student …

PACS e-lab

PACS e- Lab

In this project, we plan to involve African citizen scientists in soft astronomy research using the Las Cumbres Observatory for three main purposes: conducting astronomy research and publishing findings on …



Proyecto Educativo con Telescopios Robóticos (PETeR) - An Educational Project with Robotic Telescopes. PETeR is an enquiry-based online lab which aims to familiarize the Spanish educational …

Global Sky Partner

Promoting Astronomy Education, Research, and Outreach in Pakistan

This program leverages LCO robotic telescopes to enhance astronomy education, research, and outreach in Pakistan. It provides in-person training sessions for students, teachers, researchers, and general public, incorporating astronomy lectures, …

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Shristi Astronomy

Shristi Astronomy has been using LCO as an Educational Tool to help participants understand how observations are made, how to plan observations, exposure times, filters, and analyse data. We hope …

Global Sky Partner

Southern Skies Big 5

This program will involve selected schools from Southern, Eastern , Central and Northern regions of Africa. It is part of the build up to the IAU General Assembly in South …


Stanford Online High School Astronomy Research Club

Stanford Online High School (SOHS) is an accredited, independent school for intellectually passionate students in grades 7 - 12. The SOHS Astronomy Research Club involves students across the world in …

Global Sky Partner

Stellar Horizons: Empowering US Hispanic Youth in Astronomy

An after-school program with an emphasis on citizen astronomy targeting underserved Hispanic Communities in the USA. The partner aims to provide knowledge, tools, and resources to facilitate the effective use …